18 Dec 2017

PM Hottie: Lara Stone is Sexy Under the Spotlight!

While she may have gotten death threats from Beliebers from all over the world, we would like to tell Justin how much of a lucky bastard he is for working with Lara Stone. Being that close to this goddess affirms yet again that life really is unfair.

The 31-year old model makes gap tooth look sexy. Apart from that, she’s got the face worthy to be painted and exhibited in every prestigious galleries in the world. Lara’s got this classic and elegant look about her that truly makes her stand out. She’s on top of the biz, having walked the runway for fashion’s most loved brands.

So if you’re hungry for more Lara Stone, then consider these photos our gift to you. You’re welcome.

[Via xaxor.com/fanpix.famousfix.com]