8 Jan 2018

AM Hottie: Ferocious Paula Andrea Fernandez

Just the sound of her name already emanates heat from our body. Paula Andrea Fernandez — the twenty-something bikini model who is about to become your next favorite.

Studied Nutrition, Paula knows how to keep herself fit and healthy. Glancing at her body, you can already tell this bombshell will choose to sweat it out than lie on the couch all day. A self-confessed cat lover and romantic, she definitely knows how to work up our appetite. We’ve been licking our lips for  the past five minutes.

Monday has been a drag so we’re pretty happy we stumbled upon this beach babe this early. So if you want to sweat it out for all the good reasons, here’s Paula Andrea Fernandez doing what she does best.

[Via xaxor.com/peru21.pe]