23 Nov 2017

PM Hottie: Goddess Model Daria Werbowy

Talk to anyone in the fashion industry and ask about Daria Werbowy, they will have nothing but praises for this gorgeous lass. The seasoned model deserves her very own spot in our list, which is why we’re making her our AM Hottie.

Is your day feeling any warmer now? It should be because Daria means business whenever she strikes a pose in front of the camera. With the Ukranian beauty being a household name, it’s effortless for her to make anyone ogle over her.

Started at the early age of 14, Daria has tapped into just about any fashion brand you can think of. Now 34, she’s explored more than enough and has become an avid sailor. Oh how we wish we could be the ones sharing that boat of hers with her soaking up the sun. That’d be a dream come true!

Now we’re back to reality, let’s just enjoy Daria Werbowy during her sexiest moments in photos below.

[Via coed.com/outofaces.com]