20 Aug 2017

AM Hottie: Daria Pilnitskaya, Russian Beauty With Legs That Could Go On Forever

I have a lot of awesome things to say about the hottie whom we are going to feature today. Daria Pilnitskaya, the Russian beauty, really is a dream girl. First, she’s got this sophisticated look, an elegance air about her that makes her perfect for those high fashion brands. Second, because of this, she’s got a youthful yet mature look going down – reminds me of Aes Sedai in Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time world. Pardon me for the geekery but I simply can’t find a way to describe it better.

And finally, she’s got this unbelievable long legs that could go on forever. There are tall women. There are long-legged women. Then there is Daria who has stunning long legs and also tall. Enjoy her hottest pictures below!

[VIA pinterest.com/listal.com]