10 Jan 2018

AM Hottie: Boob-tastic Sharon Weber

By default, Brazilian women are always, always sexy. Since we will never get enough of them, we’re about to add yet one more babe to our list hailing from the beachy country — Sharon Weber.

Started modeling when she was 15, let’s just say Sharon’s gotten so used to it, she doesn’t mind taking everything off in front of the camera. We’re far from complaining because she does have massive jugs and her behind so beautifully shaped, we could feel our jaws drop to the floor.

The rollerblading-loving women refers to sex as fundamental and while she loves taking it all off, she’s not a cheap girl to hang around. If you ever get a chance with her, remember never to bring her to a hotel.

Sharon Weber’s got fine taste and we’re all about fine women. So here she is flaunting for us.

[Via sexyandfunny.com/listal.com]