8 Jan 2018

PM Hottie: Boob-licious Charlotte McKinney

Leave it to the Guess girls to always get the job done. By that we mean make us sweat buckets and breathe s if we’re having an asthma attack.

What the hell are we talking about here? It’s model, Charlotte McKinney and she’s one of the brand’s hottest imports, which is why it just felt right to make her our official AM Hottie to steam up your Tuesday.

The 26-year old 5’7” Florida stunner can clearly fog our screen with little no effort. All she has to do is wear the sexiest lingerie, perk her butt up and look at the camera. We’re sure her 300,000+ Instagram followers agree.

The Kate Upton-lookalike is already going places and wherever Charlotte McKinney will be, we will be there too.

So, go ahead and lose a few calories as you look at her photos below.

[Via xaxor.com/listal.com]