27 May 2016

AM Hottie: Beautiful Aussie Avril Alexander

Man, what did the Aussies do to be this hot? They’re like a factory of seriously hot models. There’s Abbey Lee Kershaw, Nicole Trunfio, Shanina Shaik…and now we have Avril Alexander. What is up with the land from down under to make them produce such gorgeous ladies?!  If I’m going to pack my bags and leave this place forever – I know where I’m going to migrate. Australia!

Anyway, Avril is known for her hot physique and that moody expression she makes while modeling. Don’t worry, we have some pictures of her below that you could take a look at later to see what we’re talking about.

Finally, can we all please just take a moment to take a look at her boobs. What is up with that? I know she’s fit and all, but her boobs are still perfectly round that you just want to squeeze ‘em. Well, can we Avril? While we’re waiting for her answer, you can scroll down for her pictures now.

[VIA celebwallpaper.org/pinterest.com]