16 Jun 2014

Hottie Amber Arbucci teases once more

It seems that Amber Arbucci has been absent for some while now, but she’s  trying to make up for it in hotness. Sure, some pics may feel familiar, but nothing can compare to incredible sex-appeal in high-resolution picture, right?! Here she is, this incredibly sexy babe posing around in some sensual PilyQ swimwear outfits. Did you miss her? I’m guessing yes, but you didn’t know it.

Wildlife photographer, artist, avid adventurist & fashion model, the US native sweetie definitely leaves a marking impression on anyone who dares take a glimpse at her sexy little body. She came, she saw, she conquered and then left; but no matter, sicne she’s now returned to show off her incredible looks and make us see what we’ve been missing out all of this time. Looking extremely dangerous, and acting all naughty like, this babe is pretty dangerous!

I’ve spent a lot of time drooling at her outrageous swimwear pics and you can bet your a$$ I’m gonna return daily to see the updates. I have to say that this beauty is really impressive and obviously she looks awesome no matter what she’d wear. Amber Ambucci is simply dreamy and I’m obviously gonna dream for her short return; everything else is censored and kept fo my imagination. Enjoy!