1 Feb 2011

HOT69: Sofia Vergara

Surprise, surprise.  It’s time for a new article in our special “HOT 69” feature where we basically gather the sexiest 69 pictures of a certain celebrity hottie and, as you’ve probably guessed already, this time we’re gonna focus our attention on Sofia Vergara, definitely one of the most gorgeous women in the world in these last years.

If she isn’t the definition of sexiness than I really don’t know what is because this busty Colombian was blessed with perfect proportions like a blow up doll on steroids, full lips, lovely hair and a delightful smile that would make any of us melt in a matter of seconds. Any time she makes a new appearance everyone seems to be charmed by her amazing looks and incredible body.

And she is like… 38 right now and she’s a mom as well but she still managed to be as charming and as stunning as always. This is apparently how she looked since she was 13 and that’s quite something, right? Sofia Vergara is so hot that a single photo with her could replace Viagra and her accent alone would have junior in party mood instantly.

Now I don’t really have to go on about her career, about how ridiculously sexy she is or how awesome her cleavage is, right? Good, because we’ve got a ton of photos ready to be drooled over.