12 Feb 2010

HOT69: Sara Jean Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood 1

Here at MenTag we have a feature called “HOT69” where we basically post the 69 hottest pics with a certain chick. Usually it’s had to find 69 stunning pictures of a hottie but today we’ve decided to post some of the best photos with Sara Jean Underwood and heck, we’ve found so many amazing pictures with that we had a lot of trouble limiting them to just 69.

This babe is the definition of perfection with a perfectly shaped body, sultry eyes, gorgeous face and lips and so on. I like every part of her body and probably any other man on earth likes it too. She oozes sexuality from every inch and thank god she’s not one of those shy girls who refuse to show off her amazing features to us all.

This babe loves to pose in amazing outfits, lingerie, bikinis and she even took her clothes off in some pictures becoming the Play mate of the Year back in 2007. Sara Jean Underwood is probably one of the hottest play mates ever if you were to ask me and now she even decided to start acting and we’re glad we could see that delightful body on the screen.

Good lord, this peach is so hot she can melt the entire ice on Earth.

So… here, we go, the 69 Hottest pictures with Sara Jean Underwood!