16 Mar 2010

HOT69: Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook hot 1

HOT69 is a feature we started a while ago here at MenTag which is all about 69 hottest pictures with a certain babe. From time to time we get so addicted to a chick that a single photoshoot is simply not enough to please our eyes and we decide to search more amazing pictures with her for our viewing pleasure.

If you’re new here, you probably don’t know that we really appreciate Kelly Brook and we consider her as being one of the hottest women in the world. She was sixth in our top 10 hottest babes of 2009 article. Actually, she’s ranked pretty high in almost any top with the sexiest/most desirable women in the world so we’re pretty sure everyone would dream of dating a chick like her.

This babe never disappoints and even in the most casual candids she looks incredible and ready to induce a lot of drooling. If her candids are hot, her photoshoots are more than incredible and could be one of the reason for global warming.

Anyway, over time, Kelly Brook became one of the most successful models in the world and she’s also a pretty good actress too. I’ve seen her boobs recently in a movie called “Three” and I was really impressed by her acting “skills”. This babe was featured in probably every popular mens magazine and probably the hardest part for this article was selecting only 69 hot pictures with her, because heck, there are hundreds that are simply amazing.

Kelly Brook hot 2

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