20 Sep 2010

HOT69: Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins Hot 1

If you’re a new fan of our site, you have to know “HOT 69” is a feature here at Brosome where we gather the 69 sexiest pictures of a certain celebrity hottie. Why 69? D’oh. The lucky girl to get this treat is the former Miss Universe and also one of the hottest babes on the face of the planet at the moment, Jennifer Hawkins.

This Aussie sensation has one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever gushed over and also a certain classy and elegant beauty that will make all of us fall for her in a matter of seconds. She could charm us all with a single look and anytime I gawk at a couple of fresh pics with this hotness, my days get a loot better.

The thing that I love the most about Jennifer is that she looks incredible in every single pic you’ll find with her. Even in the most boring candids when she goes shopping this girl is totally hot not to mention those amazing bikini and lingerie photoshoots she does once in a while.

There are tons of scorching hot pics with this hottie and probably the hardest part of making this article was cutting ’em down to only 69. Enjoy!