29 Apr 2010

HOT69: Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge hot 1

It’s time for a new article from our HOT69 series and the lucky girl that will please your eyes this time is… Audrina Patridge! I know The Hills its not a show for bros to watch but let’s face it, it’s a bikini movie and you’ve all probably seen at least one episode of this show.

The last season of The Hills was premiered just two days ago and since we (and a lot of other people) consider Audrina as the hottest babe from this show she deserves more attention from us. She’s probably one of the sexiest women in the world with her tight bikini clad body, sun kissed skin, pretty great smile and so on.

I’d say every inch of her body is perfect and even though she decided to get some breast enhancements a couple of years ago and I’m not exactly for fake breasts, I’d make an exception for her because this move made her even more attractive.

Audrina Patridge always looks really stylish and super-hot and in every picture you’ll find with her you will probably say she’s stunning. Since she’s pretty famous she’s always followed by photographers and we get to see a lot of new candids with her almost every day in which she looks absolutely incredible.

The best part of this is that she enjoys a lot going at the beach and prancing around in sexy bikinis and we got to see a lot of drool inducing bikini candids with her. If I’d see Audrina walking by wearing just a sexy bikini I’d probably drool like a fool for a while but I’d still try to say something to her. It will probably be stupid, but who cares?

Anyway, this will probably be the last season of The Hills but things are going pretty well for Audrina who will get her own show simply called Audrina Patridge Show. It it involves more of her in bikinis, then heck, I’d watch at least one episode.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t done too many pictorials for mens magazines, only about 2 or 3, so we had to complete the gallery with sexy candids with Audrina until we had exactly 69.

Audrina Patridge hot 2