10 Sep 2013

The uber hot Talita Correa loves to hate us

Brazil is playing dirty, once again. They’ve sent us super sexy model Talita Correa to take us down and hit us below the belt – which she does, actually, but let’s move on. This cute model is here, posing around in some Enamora lingerie, hurting us as she flaunts about her sexiness and sweet, perfect curves. It’s a good day for science!

So, what about Talita? She’s fresh, she’s new, she’s Brazilian. ‘Nuff said! Well, not really, I mean.. we can’t just ignore her uber cuteness and this hottie is worthy of our attention and praise. Just look at her, isn’t she stupendous? Although hurt, I’d still take a chance at that! Die with you boots on..

It seems Brazilian hotties have been enjoying tormenting us endlessly lately, and new entry hotties have always returned again and again, so I’m expecting supernova Talita Correa to be hurting us some more really soon. Hell, with that naughty look and sweet smile, she can hurt me anytime. Enjoy!