14 Nov 2013

Hot Nerea Arce was love at first sight

I’m not sure how to pronounce this Spanish hottie’s name, but in my language “nenea” means dude or, actually, older dude. But, since this is not the case and we’re dealing with some sweet, tempting perfect curves, who cares about pronunciation any more? Here’s uber hot supermodel Nerea Arce tearing us up in some Paolita swimwear outfits. First timer alert!

Yup, a new entry on our site. This 25-year old hottie is hard at work with a bulletproof plan: total world domination. As you can see, she’s loaded and smokin’ hot, so the damage dealt is truly deadly. And you know I’m a sucker for long, sexy legs! Sure, other assets are welcomed to make me drool, and this babe ain’t missing anything of great importance, except me.. besides her!

Nerea Arce may be here, melting our faces for the first time, but she’ll be back.. maybe to pose some more and to show off that smooth silky skin, but you know it because of me!  I have that effect on women, you know.. And she’s really getting me in the mood for love,’ cause you can’t really hate this sex-bomb. Enjoy!