7 Feb 2014

Hot Gracie Carvalho will get you dreamin’

It may be Friday, and you may be tired. But, tell me: if this super sexy babe and her deadly dose of sex appeal would come up close and ask you to go for a walk on the beach or some skinny dipping.. would you refuse? I bet not, which is what Victoria’s Secret is counting on, featuring the adorably hot Gracie Carvalho, posing in swimwear outfits. Mother of Mercy!

This sweetie is so hot, there’s no outfit in the world that wouldn’t melt once it touches her slender body. Keep dreamin’, right?! She’s actually capable of waking up the dead just by passing by. Anyone remember the Thriller music video? They were all stiff, but they were happy about it, and so am I! I am down on my knees, begging for mercy while dreaming of caressing those sexy little curves. Does Gracie need some lotion?

If you needed more proof that Gracie is, not only one of most beautiful models from Brazil, but also from the entire planet right now, these pics will definitely do the trick. Wow. Wow times a thousand!! this is just.. eye popping. And very, very enjoyable. Sit back, relax, and start the clicking and drooling part. Enjoy Gracie Carvalho!