1 Sep 2011

Hot Girls with Six Pack Abs will always get your attention

Even though I’ve worked out like a madman in these past months I still don’t have a clue where’s that six pack I wanted to have. I feel it there but I guess my well defined abs are a bit shy and don’t wanna come out yet. It’s freaking hard to get a six pack, especially when you drink a six pack of beer the night before you go to the gym.

Anywaaays, we’re not talking about me here, we’re talking about… girls with abs. HOT girls with six-pack abs actually. I love girls with a perfect waist and super fit bodies but a girl with six packs seems a bit scary. Gosh, when you see a girl with six-packs you immediately know that she’s in waaay better shape than you and she’ll probably kick your fat ass if you don’t please her well lol.

But there are a couple of girls who look sexy even though they’ve managed to get a six-pack better than the ones you see in Men’s Health I guess. And.. that’s exactly what you’re going to see right now: A drool inducing gallery of hot girls with six pack abs that will make you move your ass to the gym as soon as possible.