7 Jul 2011

Hot Girls Playing Pool will always get your Attention

I love playing pool a looot! Some of you might say it’s a boring sport, umm… actually most of you won’t even say it’s a sport d’oh, but I still like it and consider it one of the most awesome games out there. It’s pretty damn great when you’re good at it but it’s even better when you or your friends suck at it, when you’re a bit buzzed and try to play or.. when you play with girls.

It’s not often you meet a girl that’s good at pool but whenever you see a hottie playing pool it’s definitely a great view. There’s just something about a sexy girl holding a cue in one hand and moving balls with the other that makes us all drool like a pack a mindless zombies.

Anyways, since I love pool and girls who play it we’ve made a cool collection of hotties playing pool or… at least enjoying that lovely pool table.