7 Mar 2014

Hot Danielle Knudson is all that you need

Well, boys and girls, the week’s over and we’re all thinking on how the party and chill this weekend without ever meeting Monday again. While you guys dream away and reach for the impossible, I’ll  offer you one last chance to like me and, maybe – just maybe – return next week to check out what I’ve come up next for your enjoyment. All watch out, because my hidden crush from Canada is finally back, with a brand spanking new photo-shoot. The uber sweet Danielle Knudson is showing off that perfect little body of hers in some Bare Necessities swimwear outfits. Gotta love it!

Maybe you don’t remember her, and hey.. you’ll definitely won’t believe she’s Canadian. I just can’t! But I do agree she’s really heating things up, looking like a drop dead sexy minx in each one of these drool inducing photos. This blonde hottie is one of those rare girls who are both ridiculously cute and smoking hot at the same time. She can easily make you feel weak at the knees and after you’ll gawk at these photos I’m sure you’ll understand why I say that. I was already tired, but after this I’m crawling to bed!

Danielle Knudson is one does of cuteness I wasn’t expecting after such a tough week, but it’s surely welcomed. She just looks like the definition of perfection in them small bikinis and you know you’d grant this babe more than 3 wishes if you were asked to. Having said that, I’m gonna cut this post shorter than normal so you can enjoy this uber sweetness as soon as possible. And hey, enjoy the weekend people. Have a nice one!