12 Nov 2013

Hot Cora Skinner in lingerie is a nice surprise

I hate pink! Hate the color, hate the mood, hate the attitude but I most definitely love the sultry outfit before me and the bombshell wearing it, the hottest girl you’ll get to see today! The stunning Cora Skinner will make your head spin like Taz on turbo mode – you remember Taz, the Tasmanian Devil, right? Anyway, this dose of sex appeal is coming to you via Brosome and courtesy of Leg Avenue and their lingerie collection. Yes, please!

If you’re a loyal reader of our site, you’ve probably drooled over the scorching hot Cora Skinner countless hours before, and yet we give you another time-waster today. I’m already pretty addicted to her lovely curves, and I’m betting so are you. This brunette bombshell is here, doing what she probably does best.. and in case you’re completely clueless, or blind, it’s showing off her killer curves once again. Although only mentioning her curves isn’t fair!

Cora is amazing from head to toe, from front to back and so on, her curves, her beautiful eyes, her lips, her ravishing thighs.. I could go on and on all day, and night. I guess that’s how she’d like it! Enjoy her roller-coaster curves in a variety of skimpy lingerie!