27 Jan 2014

Hot Anna Herrin will give you the chills

We all hate Mondays, so we look for our very own enjoyable distraction that allows us to get through the day. Anyone remember this gorgeous model? The uber sweet girl from Miami, Anna Herrin, looks like a sexy little minx yet again, as she poses for the new Vix swimwear collection. You don’t remember her, do you? This Monday is picking up, that’s for sure!

I’m sorry she hasn’t been around for so long, more than a year actually. But, let’s just bygones be bygones and enjoy that awesome and tight little body of hers. She be smiling and she be really sexy, so I’d love to be the one to hang out with this peach. Chillin’ by the ocean with this hottie would make every friend of mine jealous and that would please me.. not as much as Anna’s company though. Damn, girl!

I’m not really the pink, loving and romantic kinda guy. But I could really see myself offering flowers to this sensual girl and taking her out to dinner.. or just the beach. Hey, the reward would be worth it. Just look at Anna Herrin and her sultry poses in the swimwear outfits. Her sex appeal could convince any guy to go to the moon and back just to get a smile from this cutie. Enjoy, who knows when she’ll be back!