4 Jul 2011

Hot 69: Marisa Miller

Guess what? It’s time for another article in our special “Hot 69” feature where we basically gather the hottest 69 photos of a certain hottie. Since it’s 4th of July today, we’ve thought we should all gawk at the most stunning photos of probably the hottest girl of the decade from US and definitely the most gorgeous woman in the world in these last years, Marisa Miller.

I’ve said it over a dozen times before and I’ll say it again: Marisa Miller is hands down the hottest/best swimsuit model in the history of the female figure. Heck, she’s surely one of the hottest women ever created. Period. She looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing or doing and she could probably turn all of us into her slaves with a single look or smile.

I know I don’t have to start gushing over Marisa, and go on and on about how insanely hot her cleavage is, and how groovy her curves are, and how killer her legs look, and how ridiculously sexy her booty looks but… ups, sorry, I just did that. This girl is the definition of perfection!!!

So, without further ado, enjoy the hottest 69 photos of one of the world’s hottest women, if not the hottest, Marisa Miller.