17 May 2011

HOT 69: Bar Refaeli

Gentlemen, start your engines!… because it’s time for a new article in our special “hot 69” feature where we gather the 69 hottest photos with a certain celebrity hottie. This time, as you’ve probably guessed it already (after reading the title, of course), the lucky girl who gets all the attention is my future wife Bar Refaeli.

The good news just keeps rolling in on the celebrity babe break-up front and over the weekend I’ve found out that Bar Refaeli, arguably one of the sexiest woman on the face of the planet right now, and Leonardo diCaprio, have officially split up. This means she’s spectacularly single right now and probably ready go on a date with me, I guess.

This peach is so damn sexy and perfect from head to toe that some of you guys might even break up with your girlfriends after gawking at this massive gallery. Bar was my number one celebrity crush for years but she was dating Leo until now and… let’s face it, we can’t compete with that guy, right?

She’s freaking perfect and I think new words should be invented just to describe her beauty. I mean… just look at any of these photos! Her face, her legs, her ridiculously sexy boobs, ultra tiny waist, groovy hips and so on. She just demands to be gawked at and… as often as possible.

Anyways, I don’t even know if you’re still reading this, I just know you’re ready to click on the sexy thumbnails and enjoy this crazy Bar Refaeli bonanza! Go on..