1 Oct 2009

HOT 69: Ashley Roberts, the model

Ashley Roberts model 1

We all know 69 is a magic and pretty hot number and starting from today we’ll include once in a while awesome compilations with the hottest 69 pictures of a sexy babe. Today’s hot 69 will be all about Ashley Roberts. Or at least… it was supposed to be about Ashley from PCD. We gave our intern a solid task to gather a gallery of the best pictures with the uber hottie from the Pussycat Dolls and even though he’s smart enough to google and found a lot of incredible photos with Ashley Roberts, he found the wrong Ashley.

Apparently,  there’s another chick with the same name as the PCD blonde babe and since we got a full gallery with breathtaking photos with her, we’ve decided to post her here. So, here we have Ashley Roberts, the model, the nude model actually, a stunning chick who started to take off clothes since she was 18. She was a Penthouse Pet and she even made it to cover in the December 2004 Issue.

She also appeared in a lot other mens magazines and tons of websites and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy every photo we’ve got with her.