28 Jun 2013

Hoping Gracie Carvalho is as naughty as she is sexy

Time for yet another onslaught of uber sexiness courtesy of Victoria’s Secret. Who better to turn us into zombies with her sexy little curves, than the hot Brazilian Gracie Carvalho, posing in lingerie?!

As I mumble uncontrollably something that involves spanking, a direct effect of this peach’s skimpy outfits, I can’t help but dream of spending a weekend with this uber cute babe and fear the consequences involved; I would be riding side saddle for a week, to say the least.

I think I’ve probably gushed over hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of this Brazilian bombshell already and believe it or not, she still impresses me. She looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing but when you get to see her in lingerie, then my friends, you’re in a for a treat. Here she is, Gracie Carvalho, in all her splendor!