18 Mar 2011

Hope Dworaczyk in lingerie is here to rock your world

Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, Friday. WTF? That crappy song is stuck in my head as well. Nooooo! How could I enjoy a pretty great Friday when that… I can’t even call it a song… comes to my mind? Thank god I’ve gawked this morning at Hope Dworaczyk posing for Esquire’s Me in My Place and that made my day a little better.

But we won’t be posting that today, you’ll have to check it out at Esquire. Instead, we’re going to show you a much needed gallery with a couple of jaw dropping lingerie photos with Hope Dworaczyk. Damn, her name is really hard to spell. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t featured too often here on Brosome. Too bad, ’cause she’s beyond stunning.

So, probably the best way to kick off the last day before the weekend is (no, I won’t say you should listen to that song)… drooling over these photos with Hope Dworaczyk. And over the ones from Esquire too. That’s what I’m going to do right now.