28 Jun 2010

Holy cats, Miranda Kerr in skimpy lingerie is a godsend

Miranda Kerr VS lingerie 1

I can’t really think of a better way to start this week than with some new pictures of the cutest supermodel, Miranda Kerr, exposing her sweet little body in skimpy lingerie. This peach is perfection for us and we’re really glad she’s a Victoria’s Secret angel because we get to see a lot of pictures with her showing off her tight body in lingerie, bikinis and stuff.

Here she is in a fresh lingerie photoshoot for the new Victoria’s Secret Catalogue in a couple of pictures that will induce drooling in seconds. Now, if I’m right, I think I’ve read a couple of days ago that this babe is going to get married with that guy who used to be an actor or something, Orlando Bloom.

I haven’t heard anything about him lately and let’s face it, his roles were pretty lame, and getting this beauty is just too much for him.  Yeah, he gave her a $450k engagement ring but a ring from me found in a Happy Meal at McD’s is priceless and definitely more interesting. So Miranda, if you’re reading this, pick me.