19 Oct 2009

Holly Weber looking absolutely gorgeous for Maxim

Holly Weber 1

To be honest, I had no idea who was Holly Weber even though her face looked a bit familiar for me. I’ve had to google her and then I remembered I’ve seen her awesome body in the latest Fast and Furious movie, a movie that I’ve seen at least 5 times.  Don’t judge, who wouldn’t like a movie with fast cars and hot babes?

So… there we have it, Holly Weber is a pretty successful model and she also made it on the Hollywood scene so we’re definitely going to hear more about this babe in the future. She made it to a couple of magazines and calendars but now she’s going to be featured on Maxim in a couple of pictures where she shows her amazing everything. Each and every bit of her body is incredible and I’m pretty sure that if any straight single man had a chance with Holly Weber they would go for it. It’s impossible to resist that body.