24 May 2012

Hitomi Aizawa will knock you off your chair!

A lot of you guys and gals have been asking us to feature more Asian hotties in here and, since I also have a thing for gravure idols (that’s how they call models in Japan), that’s exactly what you’re going to see right now. Having said that, it’s time to say hello to Hitomi Aizawa, a ridiculously sexy Japanese actress, gravure idol and.. race queen, according to her wiki page.

As you can see from any of these photos, she was blessed with the right ‘features’ to have your full and undivided attention pretty damn fast and, not only she’s freaking hot, but she’s uber cute as well. And downright perfect from head to toe but with that smile she makes you melt like ice cream in a hot summer day.

This girl’s uber hotness is making me delirious right now so enjoy the photos and make sure to remember this girl’s name from now on: Hitomi Aizawa. We’re going to feature even more gravure idols in the future so… stick around and enjoy!