31 Oct 2016

History And Culture: What Halloween Means To A Modern Gentleman Like You

What do you know about Halloween? Well, there’s the costumes, the parties, the walks of shame the day after….but aside from those things we seemingly love to do during this season of scaring, there are still these underlying questions that need to be answered: what does Halloween really mean? And how does this history and meaning relate to a modern gentleman like you?

Is Halloween really just all partying in weird costumes? Or is there still a space for the old to merge with the modern you?

Samhain And Halloween

Samhain (pronounced as “sah-ween”) is a pre-Christian Celtic tradition. It signifies three things: the start of a new year (since the last harvest has been sown and people are already preparing for the cold winter ahead), meditating about the past year (also in observance of the coming new year), and finally, to honor the dead (since this is also the day when the veil separating our physical world from the spirit world is at its thinnest, which means that our dead ancestors can cross over to visit us, even for only a night).

Eventually, as we know from the history of the Church, they invaded the people and imposed their own version of religious meanings, marking Samhain, and basically all the other celebrations of nature-based religions, as evil. But of course, changing the spiritual culture of millions of people practicing them for millions of years can’t be THAT easy, right? So, they “incorporated” Christianity into it instead turning Samhain to All Hallows Eve, hence the term Halloween.

But what can that mean to you?

Well, you can use this story as a great conversation-starter to the next Halloween party you’ll be attending, for starters. But aside from that, it’s also a good time to reflect on how your year’s been going so far and of course, to honor the special people in your life who have already passed away.

Reflect On the Year Past

List down the things that you have hoped to achieve this year. Next, list down the things that you DID achieve this year. Finally, list down the things that you want to achieve next year. Look at your lists. Are there still some things that you haven’t done yet? The year that we follow in this modern age is not finished yet, so there’s still time to make those things happen. As for next year’s goals…well, it’s never too early to start accomplishing them. It will give you a great boost once January does come in.

And Honoring The Dead

And of course, don’t forget to show some love to the dearly departed members of your family. Here’s something you could do after trick or treating. Set aside some of the treats to a separate plate, and offer that plate to your ancestors. If you’re lucky, they might just impart wisdom to you to help you out in the year ahead. Or if you’re unlucky, you might just see your grand nana appear inside your bedroom and tell you that she saw everything. EVERYTHING. The things you did inside your room…the videos you watch through the internet…every single damn thing. Narrating this to you one by one with a naughty smile on her translucent white face. Happy Holloween bros!