20 Apr 2017

The Hippie Health Series: How To Improve Your Health By Connecting With The Three Elements of Nature (2 of 3)

Hello there my fellow creatures of nature. I hope I didn’t surprise you too much with my hippie vibes today. And no, I have not smoked pot (before writing this article). Today, we are continuing our on-going series of health articles called the Hippie Health series.

Hippie Health

This series seeks to provide insights regarding the health of not only our physical body, but also of our mind and soul. Wellness, after all, is holistic. In order to confidently say that you are “well” would mean that you are healthy in all the different aspects of your life – and not just your physical body.

Last time we have discussed the power points in the body called chakras. In this article we are going to explore how the three elements of nature, which are earth, water, and air, boost our health and overall well-being. Let’s start!


Among the three elements, earth is usually regarded as one of the closest to us. You just go outside your house and there’s earth. Unless you live in the city – but even with all the concrete, technically, there’s still earth beneath your feet. Since this is the element of nourishment, it can nourish your body too. If you’re feeling a bit low on energy, a nice way to boost it up is by taking a nice walk outside. Absorb the hot and passionate energy coming from the fun. Go barefoot and feel the energy coming from the earth. Set your mind to an intention that you want to receive energy from the earth and you will.


As much as possible, try to enjoy the water element in nature. Walk by a river, deep your feet into the ocean, swim in a cold refreshing lake. Nothing is more liberating than a nice swim. The reason is because among the three elements, water is the most soothing. But don’t worry, even a soak in the tub is enough to enjoy this element. Set an intention that you are taking a bath in order to wash away your stress and fatigue, and be amazed on how relaxing and calming that bath is going to be!


Finally, you don’t even have to move right now. You can just…breathe. And you will already receive a small boost of energy from the air itself. Air is the actually the most intimate among the three elements. It connects us with nature through breath. Air is so common that a lot of us just take the blessings of the air element for granted. You can easily appreciate the gift of the air element by deeply breathing in while visualizing the life energy of the world entering your body during the process.