29 Aug 2016

Highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics Part 3!

Finally, the last part of this series has come and it is time to truly discuss about the incredible feats that the athletes have done this past few weeks. The previous article gave light to some of the amazing sports figures to ever step into Olympic grounds. The Russian synchronizing team and the USA’s women’s basketball team continue to dominate and win their undisputed titles as gold medalists in their respective fields. But let’s not forget about the women’s water polo who made waves by winning gold this year. For the last part of this series, here are a few highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics part 3!

Complete dominance in Women’s 100 meter hurdles.

The USA swept the competition by winning all three medals in the finals of the women’s 100 meter hurdles. Brianna Rollins won gold while Nia Ali and Kristi Castlin both silver the medal and bronze medal respectively. That kind of achievement deserves recognition because it’s already hard enough to win one medal for each country let alone winning all three of them. It doesn’t matter so much who won gold, silver or bronze in this case because they all brought home the glory and that’s already enough to be proud.

It runs in the family genes.

In this case, you do take it literally since the winner of the triathlon are actual brothers. Great Britain’s Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee won gold and silver medals respectively in the men’s triathlon event. That’s pretty impressive to say the least because it really does prove that talent runs in the family. One can only imagine what their parents’ reaction were when they saw both their sons win big in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Simone Biles.

She needs no introduction after winning four Olympic gold medals in one Olympic Games. She is definitely the talk of the town with her amazing skills despite her young age. She swept the competition winning gold in four events that include Women’s Vault, Women’s Team All-Around, Women’s Floor Exercise and Women’s Individual All-Around. Not only did she win gold in all of these events, she also placed third winning bronze in Women’s Beam. That’s a total of five medals in just one Olympics. Now that’s what we call a true Olympian.

Michael Phelps incredible farewell.

Let’s not forget the emotional performance that Olympic legend Michael Phelps had during his final race in the Olympic Games. He recently announced his official retirement which made it an even more tear-jerking event after being the dingle dominating force in the swimming division. Even at his age he still managed to win an incredible 5 gold medals in this year’s Olympics making him the most decorated athlete in the history of the games with a total of 23 gold medals.