26 Aug 2016

Highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics Part 2!

To continue with the festivities and the celebrations, there are still many highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics that are worth talking about. The previous three highlights showed the amazing and world-record breaking achievements by three of the best athletes in the world. Usain bolt and his three consecutive year peat, Australia’s pride Chloe Esposito and Asthon Eaton’s undisputed win, these three amazing athletes deserve a lot more than just a quick mention. However, there are also other athletes who made history in this year’s Olympic Games. Here are a few highlights of the 2016 Rio Olympics part 2!

Russia women's synchronized swimming

Russian dominance in synchronicity

Russia has once again claimed the gold medal in the women’s synchronized swimming division, making it their fifth consecutive win. They rose to the occasion by dominating the pool with their perfectly synchronized moves. The ladies of Russia are truly unstoppable and we expect no less from them in the next Olympics. It’s quite remarkable to say the least since synchronized swimming is no easy walk at the park. One has to be in perfect sync with her teammates in order to achieve that coveted gold medal.

USA is built to swim

There’s no doubt about the United States’ domination in the pool. The United States roster for swimming is not something we should ignore because of the notable simmers and Olympic legends born there. Water Polo is a sport that not many know a lot about. That’s probably because they are overshadowed by diving, synchronized swimming and of course the regular swimming competitions where legends are born. But with the American team in the women’s water polo, they achieved an incredible feat by winning gold, making it the US’ third gold medal in the Olympic Games’ history.

USA Basketball gold down the hatch

The Women’s basketball team from the United States have yet again won the Olympic gold medal, making it their sixth consecutive win in the Olympic Games. They are the epitome of undefeated and undisputed after starting their reign back in 1992 in Barcelona, Spain. Clearly they are the best of the best since they have been on the throne for quite some time. We are excited to see what would be the turn out for the next Olympics. Whether they win again or not, they are still an important part of history now.

Of course there is still a lot to cover with so many incredible athletes this year. But for now, celebrate and take pride on these athletes who achieved greatness.