7 Jun 2012

Herika Noronha’s killer curves will drop your jaw

My name is Bond. James Bond. Gosh, I’d love to say that to this Brazilian bombshell, especially since she’s posing for a lingerie collection called ‘Bond Girls‘. Now I don’t know how many of you guys have heard of Herika Noronha, but, if you’ve seen our first post with this peach here, I’m pretty sure her name was stuck in your mind to this day.

Whenever she’s showing off ALL of her drop dead sexy little curves in skimpy lingerie she oozes so much sexiness that you can almost feel it and.. this photoshoot is a perfect example of that. It’s the type of photoshoot that makes me say “Hot Damn”, actually hot damn times a thousand because it combines two things I love: Bond and Brazilian supermodels in lingerie lol.

Now this my friends, is hands down, one of the sexiest photoshoots I’ve seen lately. Herika is busting out her sexy little curves like there’s no tomorrow and leaving very little to the imagination in this hotness amplifying lingerie. That’s it, I’m going to stop right here before I start embarrassing myself.  Enjoy!