9 May 2017

Here’s One Awesome Way To Use Google Maps: To Find Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum

To start, let me just get this out of my chest by saying that I have a love and hate relationship with Google. There are times that I am freaking scared of it, every single time it proves that it knows a lot about me, more than I am even aware of! And there are times, like today, that I am enjoying myself, using it to gain knowledge of pretty useful stuff – like finding out where Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is.

google maps

I also want to mention the fact that I appreciate it a lot that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s locations are based in the real world, unlike the DC Universe which is trapped in the fictional world like Gotham and Metropolis. There’s certainly no fun in that, knowing that you won’t be able to visit them in the real world.

The thing is, it is just amazing how you can walk along the streets of New York and say “Hey, this is the shawarma place where my heroes ate!” …or something like that.

In this article, we are going to share with you something that we’ve discovered. Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is actually on Google Maps!

Go ahead and see it for yourself. I sure did the second I found out. Plus, what’s more fun is reading the testimonials of the people who visited there. Get ready for some seriously funny stuff. Thanks humanity, I haven’t lost faith in you yet!

I can’t wait to find out where the other locations are. But don’t you worry bros, I will surely update you pronto once I uncover them. For now, you can also read our past post about Kamar-Taj. Does the place really exist and is it really in Kathmandu? I enjoyed writing that one!

Ah yes, the things we do while we’re waiting for the next big Marvel movie. See you guys!