21 Mar 2013

Here’s Nina Agdal looking her sexiest part XLVI

Oh boy, here’s Nina Agdal making us all thank the heavens for Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie, because if it wasn’t for their new collection we probably wouldn’t be drooling over this babe’s mesmerizing and ridiculously sexy curves right now. Actually, one of the first times I’ve seen this peach and totally fell in love with her was in a photoshoot for these guys, like 2 years ago.

This shoot was just a preview of things to come from Nina and I’m freaking glad she’s back in their lingerie for a new photoshoot. She’s even more stunning right now so.. if I said she was close to perfection in the past, now I guess it’s fair to say that she’s perfect. In lingerie, in bikinis, you name it, this girl looks drop dead gorgeous!

She’s in my top 10 hottest girls right now and if you don’t know why, I’m pretty sure these photos will convince you. Or… any other photos that you’ll find with this Danish hottie, because she looks incredible in every single photo of her. Love her. Enjoy!