15 Jan 2016

Here’s How You Can Spark Chemistry

Dating is tricky. It’s a series of hits and misses. But there is a way to spark a little bit of chemistry and intimacy without really putting much effort into it. A little bit of chemistry, just enough to get the girl you’ve been crushing on to agree to go out on a date or two with you. It’s not going to give you a fulfilling and enchanting evening with the woman of your dreams, that is a feat too great for us mere mortals. Nor is it going to guarantee you’ll lock her in and have an exclusive committed relationship with her, that’s up to the forces of the universe. But this dating hack will trick the subconscious into developing an emotional attachment, yours and hers. This is partly why when two people are strongly attracted to each other, chemistry is instantly there even when no words have been exchanged between them. All because when we are physically attracted to someone, we tend to look deep into their eyes. That’s the key ingredient: Eye contact.


Non-verbal cues, or body language matter as much as verbal cues. This is your subconscious at work acting out the hidden impulses you may not even be aware of. This is why when were talking to someone we like, our feet are turned towards them. We’re not doing this consciously but studies have shown that this is what we tend to do in these circumstances. But eye contact is entirely different, you can subconsciously and consciously do it. What makes eye contact such a intimate moment is because it symbolizes focus and intent for intimacy. When you look deep into someone’s eyes, you’re sending the message that they’re important, and interesting and you want to know more about them. This comes out naturally when you’re really into someone, but when you’re with a girl you really like and you want her to at least like you enough to agree to go out on a date or even just consider you as a potential, then instigating eye contact is a sure way to do it.

You can be in a crowded room, and if you lock eyes with someone, an intimacy instantly develops between the two of you in this sacred space only the two of you share. Will that intimacy last? Nobody knows, the next step is entirely up to the both of you.