27 Jan 2015

Here’s How to Blow Her Mind in Bed Tonight

If you’re lucky enough to come home to a ravishing hot woman every single night, then you don’t have any excuses not to be her best fuck, ever.

The fact is it’s never about how much time you have or how long your pecker is. It’s really all about giving her the best sex every time you do it. What’s the secret? It’s a little thing called variation. Trust me, it will be your game changer.

Blow Her Mind in Bed Tonight

So dying to learn how to blow her mind in bed tonight? Here are top-notch tips to get you started.

Stop obsessing about your orgasm

Most guys will deny this but often, they are too focused on finishing that they practically forget the actual act. Truth is, the more you obsess about your orgasm, the more it’s less likely to arrive. Not to mention, the less she will feel connected to you.

Stop thinking about it. Enjoy what’s happening right now, like how her smooth, silky thighs are rubbing against your legs or how her breasts jiggle as you thrust. Both of your orgasms will come but it’s not the only thing you should anticipate.

When you’ve been with her for a while, it’s easy to forget the small details and have sex just for the sake of finishing. Don’t let things head down this road.

Do her when she least expects it

You see her preparing dinner. What do you do next? No, you don’t turn on the TV and wait to be called. You sneak to her like a quiet cheetah, grab her and proceed to giving her the most sweat-breaking appetizer ever.

She might not tell you this but catching her off guard is something she thoroughly enjoys. It breaks the mundane cycle and gets all those endorphins rushing, just like how it used to be when you two couldn’t get enough of each other during the first couple of months dating.

Get some reinforcement

No, I’m not talking about asking her best girl friend to come over (unless you two are into that sort of thing). What I’m referring to are new things to spice things up once again.

Think: New lingerie, new lubricant or even a new sex toy. It could get stagnant between two people who’ve gotten so familiar with each other. Don’t be that couple and keep the flame alive by trying out new things. She’ll thank you for it — in more ways you than you could ever imagine.

Go down on her

When I say go down on her, I mean really go down on her. Remember how your 45-year old self enjoyed licking your favorite lollipop and never letting it go like it’s your most prized possession? Treat her crowning glory like that lollipop.

Understand this: Many guys finish fast because they are easily stimulated. It’s the complete opposite for women. Prove to her that you are a stallion downtown and you will be greatly rewarded for it.

Up your doggy style game

It’s every man’s favorite position and what better way to love it more than to give it a few different versions?

Create better friction by asking her to press her legs together. This way, she’ll feel a lot tighter and it will moisten her up pretty well. Another trick is to enter her standing up. Yes, it feels so good kneeling down and thrusting but let me tell you it will feel far better for you and your lady when you do it standing up.

Don’t forget to slow down and give her breasts some attention.

Slow it down, brother

Like I said, it’s so easy for men to get turned on. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a grown man pulling off a premature ejaculation. I mean come on, sex doesn’t end when you come. It does when she does too.

Here’s a trick: Breathe slower through your belly. If you keep on panting like a dog, you will finish too early. Another is to enjoy her opening instead of just thrusting in and out every single time because that area has the most sensitive nerve endings (in case you still don’t know).

Ride your shaft through the lips of her vulva multiple times. Afterwards, press the tip of your penis onto the head of her clitoris. Rub it gently and enter her slowly. Thrust up to three inches inside her and when you feel yourself reaching your peak, pull away. Regain your composure and flip her to try other positions.

You won’t finish too fast as long as you slow things down and keep switching.

Never allow your sex life to grow molds. Keep the fire alive by blowing her mind in bed every single time you do it.

Now get in there and make me proud.