4 Sep 2014

Here’s What Your Favorite Video Game Genre Says About You

Here’s the thing: We maybe over thinking this but we’re a big believer of showing your true self when playing a video game. It pays to know that we’re not alone on this one, as PBS Game Show host Jamie Warren recently shared what your favorite video game genre say about you.

So whether it’s Grand Theft Auto, Star Craft, Final Fantasy or Just Dance, here are eight ways you can describe yourself in real life depending on which game genre you enjoy playing.

1. High Fidelity Gamer

This category describes someone who enjoys the adrenaline and using all their senses when they’re playing. Whether you’re doing a combo in Tekken or sweating it out in Dance Central, a high fidelity gamer enjoys the rush and the feel of the actual game. In real life, this could mean that you’re well-rounded folk and don’t mind putting yourself out there and just having fun.

2. Fantasy Gamer

This gamer is someone who acknowledges the real existence of virtual reality. Whether it’s Gone Home or Final Fantasy, this person enjoys the unreal and appreciates the little sparks of magic in real life.

3. Storyteller Gamer

This could be someone who enjoys all forms of narrative in real life and can easily translate their interest into their game genre preferences. This person may prefer Legend of Zelda over Marvel VS Capcom.

4. Challenger Gamer

Anyone who’s excited for the latest Doom installment is a Challenger gamer, along with those who fancy Grand Theft Auto or Counter Strike. In real life, this type of gamer enjoys the action, competition, and the challenges of everyday life.

5. Social Butterfly Gamer

If you’re one who has thrown a pool party in Grand Theft Auto or brought your team together in League of Legends, then you’re the social butterfly gamer. In real life, you’re the one who enjoys throwing parties and hosting events and generally enjoying the company of those close to you.

6. Explorer Gamer

Gamers who enjoy being the lone wolf and going on solo missions are dubbed the explorers. In reality, these people could be those who enjoy being alone (Note: not lonely) and discovering things on their own.

7. Self-Expressive Gamer

If you spend too much time dressing up your Skyrim characters, then you’re probably the self-expressive gamer. In real life, you’re a stylish person and accessorizing is second nature to you.

8. Submissive Gamer

Submissive gamers are those who, once logged into Candy Crush, will not stop until they claim victory. While these can be obsessive, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. People who are submissive gamers, in real life are go-getters and are determined to fulfill their goals once they zero in on them.

While there are eight types of gamers out there, it doesn’t mean you should box yourself in. You can be a self-expressive explorer type or even a challenger high fidelity gamer all in one. The possibilities are endless but these are just a few pretty cool measures to understanding yourself more, don’t you agree?