20 Jun 2017

Here’s A Back-Friendly Sex Position For Your Aching Back

Tell me if this is familiar. You work long hours a day, and you even work over time. Sure the pay is good, but you would need to sit in an uncomfortable chair for extended hours in front of a glaring computer monitor.

Back-Friendly Sex Position

When you get back home to your partner, all you really want to do is rest and have sex. But wait, you remember that all that sitting has strained your back and giving you nasty shooting pain before you ever start doing your thing. So what are you going to do? Just sit down and order pizza, or will you fight that aching body like a man and do your wife?

Don’t worry, in today’s article we are going to feature a back-friendly sex position that would allow you to still have sex with your partner while also being spared from the pain. A word though, you better do something with that office chair of yours. It’s killing you.

So what’s the best sex position?

The best sex position for men with acute back pain is taking your partner from the behind. Have her be on all fours, and it’s even better if she would fold her arms in front so her upper body is even lower. Have your hands rest on her back and do her from behind. In this way, your back, or your spine specifically can retain its normal state and would have to do less movement.

That’s the cue. That’s where the pain usually starts. So sex position with ridiculous back movement is a big no.

Your partner doesn’t want to be taken from the back? Then no worries, the missionary is also a very back-friendly sex position because you can still keep your back straight while doing it, right? Just remember not to give your back some strain and effort.