13 Jan 2012

Here Are Our Short NFL Divisional Playoffs Predictions

We have an exciting NFL weekend coming up with the divisional playoffs putting some talented teams head to head. I’m here to make some game predictions on what’s going down this weekend.

On the 14th we have the New England Patriots facing down the Denver Broncos. Tebow’s Broncos don’t have a prayer against the Pats. Tom Brady is too dominant on offense, consistently making plays and passes that Tebow will not be able to match. Tebow is also up against the solids Patriots’ defense which has played consistently this season. The Broncos are outmatched, and they are about to get outplayed.

Also on the 14th are the New Orleans Saints versus the San Francisco 49ers. I’m liking the Saints on this one, Drew Brees is breaking records like nobodies business and his team has proven to be one of the top in the league so I think I’m going to go with them even though it’s going to be close.

The 15th brings a clash between Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens, and Baltimore is going to take this one. Houston may have won their last game solidly, but the Ravens are going to be too much for them to handle. The 15th also sees the New York Giants facing off Green Bay Packers, and Green Bay is going to take the Giants down hard, we all expect that, right?

Whatever happens, there’s one prediction that always comes true- I’m spending my weekend drinking beer, eating nachos, and watching the games on my big screen TV.