17 May 2010

Helena Mattsson will mesmerize you with her body

Helena Mattsson Maxim 1

Helena Mattsson is actually my new celebrity crush and her appearance from the May 2010 Issue of Maxim made me even more into her. She’s blonde, sweet, smoking hot and she’s also Swedish and that is probably really close to the perfect woman’s description.

Only last year I’ve heard about Helena and when I’ve seen her sizzling on the red carpet at the Iron Man 2 premiere I was totally amazed by her. This babe is a bit underrated at the moment but I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of her in the future.

She moved to US when she was just 19 and since then she appeared in a couple of movies but her body should get a lot more appreciation than just some movie appearances. The guys from Maxim were also impressed by this girl’s perfect body and they made a great photoshoot with her.

I was a bit sad at first because I’ve only found 3 pics from this pictorial in the magazine but it seems that more pictures were featured on Maxim Online and we’ve got them all for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!