20 Nov 2013

Heide Lindgren is a naughty flash of red

On and on.. and on it goes; where it stops only God knows, since He is the one responsible for all this hotness constantly thrown upon us. This ain’t blasphemy, it’s praising! And hope.. ’cause He’s also the only one able to save us from dropping dead, especially now, as I’m about to introduce you to our new hottie entry of the day. Meet my next super hot redhead wife, Heide Lindgren. Did I mention she hales from the US?! Check her out in Palmers lingerie outfits. Sweet Jesus, have mercy!

She does look surprised to be here, and so are we – although, I’m annoyed by the fact that I’ve just stumbled upon her; this sexy goddess should have been featured on our site long ago. But no worries! We plan on making it up to her. I enjoy the photo-shoot as well, it’s modern, retro and cool. It reminds me of times when men were men, and girls were hot without necessarily taking something off. Better times!

Of course, that’s a matter or perception; who am I to stand between Heide Lindgren and her sexy, perfect curves and you guys? Drool away! I have no doubt in my mind that you’re gonna enjoy her – you know what I mean; and if there is a guy out there that really does, please note: I hate you! Now, that that’s all over, I’m gonna shut up and join you in savoring this red , naughty babe and her sexy little body. Enjoy!