27 Oct 2016

Heather Morris, The Other Britney

Move over Britney Spears because the television series Glee has another Brittany S. Pierce – and she’s also hot (probably ever hotter). She can also dance and sing like her namesake, and of course, she’s also not too “clothed” while performing, if you get what I mean.

And although the series already ended, I will always remember Glee because of Heather Morris who played Brittany. Her sense of humor is always on point and her “dumb blonde” remarks always crack me up! Hence, you might have guessed that I still watch her Youtube series, “Fondue For Two” every once in a while especially during days when I need a quick pick me up. If you’re feeling the same thing, there’s no need to head over to Youtube anymore because we’ve prepared a Heather Morris sexy gallery, just for you.

(via hq-pictures.com/hqdiesel.net)