2 Mar 2011

Haruna Yabuki is here to spice things up!

Celebrity hotties were pretty boring today so.. instead of posting some crappy candids with some girl pumping gas I’ve thought we should all gawk at this smoking hot Japanese delight. Meet Haruna Yabuki, a hottie from Japan who’s apparently a popular swimsuit model and also a singer if I got that right.

I know you all have a thing for Asian women and this peach is definitely one of the hottest I’ve seen lately. She’s cuteness and sexiness combined and she looks more than amazing in bikinis. I’d love to spend a day at the pool with her and I’m sure you’ll dream of that too. Actually, I’d love to have her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day.

So… here’s a massive gallery with one of the sexiest women from Japan, Haruna Yabuki, showing off her groovy little body in a lot of sexy poses that might convince you to visit Japan in the near future. Enjoy!