14 Oct 2011

Hangover Hell: The Top 5 Breakfast Cures

You know how it goes; you dance the night away, drink about a thousand vodka shots and then stumble home at three in the morning. Inevitably, you’re going to wake up with a dry mouth, a stinking headache and a stomach that won’t stop complaining. Beat the dreaded hangover and cure the morning munchies with these tasty breakfasts!

1. Banana on toast with milk thistle

Banana on toast
What? A carbs based breakfast to soothe tender tummies. Glug down a glass of water and pop a pill of milk thistle. Chop up a tasty banana, chuck it onto a piece of toast and chew to your heart’s content!

Why? Your brain is made up of 70% water, so it’s only natural that its H20 supply needs topping up every now and again. Bananas are great body boosting fuel because they are packed with potassium, magnesium and certain B vitamins which all go out the window when you hit the booze bottle. Unless you’re allergic to wheat, toast is unlikely to upset your tender tummy, while milk thistle will help your lacklustre liver repair itself.

2. Berry blast milkshake

Berry blast milkshake
What? A simple berry milkshake that’s great for a quick health boost. Just chuck a handful of blueberries and strawberries in a blender with a glass of skimmed milk and a few ice cubes.

Why? Strawberries enhance short-term memory, so a handful of these sweet treats will help you remember the fuzzy details of last night’s drunken antics. Munching on around 100 grams of blueberries will give you the same amount of antioxidants as a whopping five servings of fruit and vegetables. Topping up your supply of antioxidants will replenish those lost brain cells and keep your skin looking supple.

3. Sauerkraut ‘n’ sausage soup

Sauerkraut ‘n’ sausage soup
What? A chunky heart-warming soup to beat the hangover blues. Fry a few bits of bacon, sauté some onions and tomatoes and add a generous sprinkling of paprika. Boil the sauerkraut in a pan and while you’re waiting, chop up some spicy smoked sausage. When the sauerkraut is piping hot, mix all the ingredients together and add four cups of water and one cup of sour cream. Bring to the boil and get slurping!

Why? It may be an acquired taste, but sauerkraut is super for settling your sore tummy. The fermented cabbage is one of the few foods that contain the bolshie bacterium L.planatarum, which fights off nasty pathogens such as E.coli and salmonella.

4. Cheesy chilli omelette

Cheesy chilli omelette
What? Omelettes are quick and easy to make so if you have some eggs to spare, get cracking! Beat a couple of eggs in a bowl and add a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Chop up half a chilli and toss it in a frying pan along with some onion slices. Pour in the egg mixture, wait until it’s half cooked and then add a generous helping of cheese. Flip the omelette over a few times until it’s golden brown and then tuck in!

Why?Eggs are a hangover’s best friend, because they just so happen to be filled with a substance called cysteine. This super substance breaks down all the nasty booze-fuelled toxins that have built up in your body. Spicy stuff, such as the chilli in the omelette, will make you sweat out any lingering alcohol.

5. Pecan pancakes with maple syrup

Pecan pancakes with maple syrup
What? Drag yourself out of bed and grab a packet of pancakes from the supermarket shelf. Heat a couple up in the microwave, smother them in maple syrup and sprinkle some pecans on top.

Why? Maple syrup is an excellent source of the mineral manganese, which is essential for energy production. Slurping just two ounces of maple syrup supplies you with 40% of your daily manganese needs. Pecans, meanwhile, are naturally salt free and contain over 19 vitamins and minerals in total, one of which is vitamin E, which helps protect your precious liver cells from damage after a booze binge.

This cool list was compiled by our mates from b&b uk who offer bed and breakfast in Blackpool, Manchester and Brighton and probably deal with a lot of guys who need breakfast cures after a crazy night out.