6 Dec 2011

Hana Nitsche in sexy lingerie will blow. Your. Mind!

Say hello to a wonderful babe that we haven’t seen in these last months! Here’s the uber hot German supermodel Hana Nitsche doing one hell of a good job of modeling skimpy lingerie for Enamorata which is like the Spanish word for Fall in Love, I guess. Yes, you are going to fall in love with this girl pretty soon.

Like I said, we haven’t had the pleasure of gawking at Hana and her groovy little body in a long time, and these photos just remind us how ridiculously sexy she is and how awful it is that we don’t see her on a weekly basis at least. This peach can look good doing just about anything and wearing anything but when you get to see her in lingerie..  she’s just breathtaking.

We usually don’t post photoshoots with just a couple of images but since the amount of sexiness she’s oozing from these seven photos is incredible, we’ve thought it’s all worth it. Enjoy!