2 Nov 2017

Halloween Drinks: The Death Punch

So how are the Halloween parties going? No walks of shame I hope. But don’t worry I won’t tell anybody if there are. Your secret’s safe with me. I’ll just be waiting in my porch window, binoculars at hand, pointing at you and laughing out loud. No. Really. Because you’re my bro! And bros need to check and balance each other…laugh at their own mistakes, plus walks of shame are HILARIOUS.

Death Punch

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. This is the second article in our Halloween drinks series. The first one being a literally bloody tequila. This time around though, it’s a drink worthy for werewolves. The Death Punch.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A can of lychees in heavy syrup (20 oz)

¼ cup of ginger (peeled and thinly sliced)

Brandied cherries

¼ cup of really fine sugar

Half a cup of lime juice

Ice cubes

And for the poisons: 12 oz of dark rum and three 12 oz bottles of ginger beer

Here’s how to prepare:

The first thing to do is to prepare your syrup. To do that, bring the ginger and lychee syrup to a boil in a saucepan. After it boils, remove it from the heat and let the mixture steep for another half hour. While you’re doing that, we’ll be making the most important step in this punch that will make it into a “death punch” and that is…the making of eyeballs! You will do that by stuffing the lychees with the brandied cherries inside. They should resemble gory eyeballs. Once you’ve finished those eyes, put them in an ice cube tray where they’ll comfortably fit. Strain the lychee and ginger mixture, pour on those eyes, and freeze until they’re just about firm.

Now it’s time to mix your drink! In a pitcher, combine the sugar and lime juice. Stir until all the sugar’s dissolved. Add the rum and refrigerate to chill.

Get your punch bowl out, we’ll be putting the punch together. Take both the pitcher and the eyeballs out of the fridge. Pour the mix into the punch bowl, add the beer, and stir so the flavors combine. You can either prepare ice-filled glasses already, putting each glass an eyeball or two each, or better yet, leave it to the guests to fish out those eyes! Voila. Death punch!