17 Apr 2014

Hailey Clauson is one naughty bunny

I’m betting you still remember this girl and her sexy vacuum cleaner! If you don’t, it’s fine by me, since this girl is bent on making an impression. Jaw-dropping hot US model Hailey Clauson has returned, featuring that sexy body of hers in some sultry Beach Bunny swimwear outfits. I just wish I were next to her to properly admire her beauty!

Admire is one way of putting it. How about praise, drool, gawk at? Those sound better. This young super hottie is really reminding me of Kate Upton, and she has a naughty feel to her. You know what that means: all the men around her forget their names in an instant and try to keep up with primary body functions, such as breathing!

This uber dose of sex appeal is always welcomed, no doubt about that! And since she’s already prepared for takinw a swim and getting wet – yes, please – there’s nothing more I’d like to do than go up to her and say: Excuse me, miss, but I’m feelin’ a bit dirty! That should be an interesting conversation starter. If nothing else, she’ll spank me with the hose. Enjoy!