15 Sep 2017

Gymder – The Tinder For Fitness Fans

There are a lot of fitness apps right now, it’s incredible! Makes you wonder, are there really a lot of people getting into that fitness habit? Or are there just more and more people planning to get into that habit, installing those apps in their phones, but end up not even using them after installation?


Here’s a fitness app you are BOUND to use!

I have seen a lot of awesome fitness apps in my Play Store. I am actually guilty of installing some of them, but in reality, also according to one of my app notifications, it has been 115 days since my last workout.

But I have finally found a fitness app every dude would love to use. Gymder. Sounds like Tinder doesn’t it? That’s because it is somehow related to the app. While Gymder claims that it is not really a dating app – what’s happening, according to a lot of users, is the exact opposite. People are actually treating this like an official dating app, plus it’s said that it’s the top choice for “spornosexuals” to use. A new term, apparently coined for those who love sports and porn.

Gymder claims that their aim is to simply find you the perfect “workout buddy”, you know, to “motivate” you to work out more? But as it turns out, it’s a nice app to find ladies who love to workout. If that’s your thing, then this fitness app might serve a better purpose for you than any other dating app out there!

If you want to try it out, it is available for both Android and Apple, but you can also meet hotties the regular way, by…you know, actually going to that gym you registered to? The one where you just signed up for but did not really go to? Yep, that one.